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OUT FOR JUSTICE is Maine's first Complete Concept Company serving the entertainment media industry. We are a design and development business, a concept refinement plant, a house of creative ideas. We are a dedicated group of artisans that not only eat, sleep, and breath popular culture, but transcend it. Each member of OFJ brings years of experience both professionally and as craftsmen in the fields of cartoons, comics, toys and games. When you hire OFJ, your project isn't in the hands of one designer with one vision, but instead swimming in a think tank of ideas and possibilities.

Film studios, gaming companies, toy makers and publishers are always on the lookout for independent firms to fulfill specific needs. The Design and Development arm of OFJ supplies a wide range of assets to push any project along or renovate any brand. OFJ's interdisciplinary operators provide it all: storyboards, animatics, key frames, model sheets for character design, maquettes, matte paintings, 3D props, toy design & prototyping, print-ready files for packaging, episode summaries and season outlines for cartoons, motion comics, graphic novels, and illustration. Whether you're a brand manager for a toy company, lead game designer, or an art director on a film, we're confident that OFJ can be of assistance.

OFJ also services another type of client: the enterprising visionary daydreamer. Often the proprietor of a really great idea needs help in giving their concept legs. We call this service Concept Refinement. Whether you possess a strong design sensibility and a lucid vision of your concept, or only a raw, undeveloped notion, OFJ is willing and able to polish it to perfection. Amidst the most commercialized, media-saturated moment in history, it's crucial that your idea stand out from the rest, and we have a keen understanding of what your idea needs to look the part. At OFJ, passion is our key component. As artists we have been trained to focus this passion to express our inner world. As a company, we harness that passion and give voice to the inner worlds of others who may not be lucky enough to access this artistic voice. Our repertoire of visual resources, acuity of the target industries, and devotion to making great ideas look GREAT make OFJ invaluable to anyone determined to turn their latent idea into a breakout success.

Part of what sustains any creative person is staying attuned to the things that spawned their creativity in the first place. At OFJ we keep our creative well accessible at all times, affording us the ability to generate innovative concepts of our own to be marketed as brand name, OFJ concepts. As a House of Creative Ideas, we have several concepts in the pipeline to be developed, pitched, and sold as original franchises. Our presence at New York and San Diego Comic Cons this year and growing audience with top industry professionals provide an exciting opportunity for OFJ to reshape the pop culture paradigm starting in 2013.


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